Where do you start?


We take out all the stress from event management and catering. We create innovative and surprising catering solutions from team gatherings to bespoke dinner parties.



How much food do I need to order?

That really depends on how long your event is for. Some examples below

  • Sandwich lunch – a minimum of 1.5 rounds
  • Cocktail Food – 1-2 hours 4-6 canapes per person
  • Cocktail Food – 2 hour event 6-8 canapes per person
  • Cocktail Food – 3 hours 8-10 canapes plus a bowl dish or something more substantial
  • Cocktail Food – 4-5 hours 8-10 canapes plus bowl dish or something more substantial

What is a round of sandwiches?

No it’s not a circle of sandwiches! A round is a square sandwich cut into 4 points or little triangles

How big is a canapé, supper item or a bowl dish?

Our canapés are 1-2 bites, supper items are 3-4 bites and designed to more often be eaten later at night (we call them soak food!) and our bowl dishes are rice bowl sized and are mini versions of entrée or mains

What about dietary needs or vegetarians?

Just let us know and we can work with you to provide for all your guests. WE can also recommend how much vegetarian food you should allow for just in case you have a few surprise guests.

What is an ‘Alternate Drop’?

That is where one person gets beef and one person gets chicken. It’s a bit old fashioned but some still like the choice. We like offering shared platters instead so that guests can choose how much they want.

What are ‘Shared Platters’?

That’s where we place platters of delicious food in the centre of a dining table for guests to help themselves and share amongst friends or colleagues. It’s a nice relaxed dining style

What is a “Buffet”?

It might sound a bit daggy but a beautifully styled Bay Leaf food buffet can be lots of fun for your guests to select their meal – either stand up or sit down – from a large shared table

How many beverages do we need to provide for an event?

It’s a little bit of a “how long is a piece of string’ question but one we can always help you with our beverage calculator. We don’t like running out of drinks so we always allow for more. Did you know that you pour 6 standard glasses from a bottle of wine or champagne?

How many glasses do I need for an event?

We allow for 2-4 glasses per person depending on the duration of the events. We usually save money on glasses for soft drinks by providing little bottles with straws – more fun too!

How much crockery & cutlery do I need for a sit down event?

We present out food on dinner plates, so you will need a dinner plate per person per course and you will cutlery for every course too

When do your staff arrive for an event?

Usually 1-1.5 hours prior to an event depending on the size and type of event? We ice down all your drinks, set the bar, get the food ready and make sure everything is looking fab by the time your guests arrive

Do your staff clean up afterwards?

Of course! They will leave your home, office kitchen or event space in perfect condition – maybe even better than they found it? If you don’t want our staff on display we are just as happy hiding in a garage, meeting room or even a laundry!